Lessons Learned in Reducing Risk to Infectious Disease in the Workplace

Wednesday 2:00 – 3:00pm

Session Description

During the COVID-19 pandemic, workplaces, and HR partners in particular, learned how to respond to workplace exposures of COVID-19 and alert people if they have been exposed. Health department staff worked with local businesses, cities, and county government organizations in order to dispense information and advise on different scenarios. This will be an overview of best practices we found working across sectors, as well as key information needed to make decisions.



Caitlin Kintner, MPH

Caitlin Kintner, MPH, Epidemiologist II at Johnson County, KS Department of Health and Environment- Caitlin received her Masters in Public Health degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She has worked in public health as an epidemiologist for local health departments for 12 years managing disease outbreak mitigation and response to H1N1, Ebola, Zika, Tuberculosis, and Measles. Caitlin was recently recognized by the Overland Park Fire Department with a Public Safety Award for her contributions and guidance to the City of Overland Park during the COVID-19 pandemic.







Jennifer Lowe, MPH

Jennifer Lowe, MPH, Epidemiologist II at Johnson County, KS Department of Health and Environment- Jennifer received her Masters in Public Health in Epidemiology from Emory University. During that time, she completed a fellowship at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in their National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion branch. Before working for the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment, she worked as an epidemiologist for Clay County, Missouri. Outside of COVID-19, her epidemiology interests are maternal and child health and social epidemiology.