Turbocharge your Influence & Build a Killer Powerbase: LEVERAGE YOUR IMPACT

Thursday 10:20 – 11:20am

Session Description

This interactive session will identify where we stand in our own way of connecting with and advising as a leader. Utilizing 7 key practices can enhance our ability to influence our leaders and navigate on a larger scale within the organization. Participants will leave with an outline of a plan to enhance their influence to then implement within their organization..

Learning Objectives

  1. How to influence without formal authority
  2. 3 Pillars of Influence
  3. 7 Key ways to enhance your ability to engage and influence others
  4. Action plan on how to utilize the 7 keys within your organization


Heidi Hartman

Heidi’s an engaging, energetic, & down to earth speaker who facilitates sessions for executives, senior leadership, teams, & conferences. She dials into the needs of the audience creating a learning environment for true growth. Although she has 20+ years of Leadership & HR experience with an alphabet soup of certifications, Heidi’s focus is all about partnering with folks who want to learn, grow, & do great work. She’s Director of OKHR, a leader of DisruptHR Tulsa & OKC, & has been President of her own firm partnering with amazing clients with leadership & team development, coaching & developing awesome cultures.