Talent Acquisition and Development: The Game has Changed

Thursday 2:55  3:55pm

Session Description

2020 changed the game in workforce development. Old talent acquisitions died and new strategies have emerged. Once you find the right talent, the first day at work is the most pivotal period in their career. Finally, what can you today to keep the talent you worked so hard to find!

Learning Objectives

  1. To bring to light changes to the process of acquiring talent and what candidates are looking for in the future.
  2. How the first 15 minutes of a new employee’s employment with you is the most important time in their career.
  3. To bring to light what active employees are looking for with the current employer. Why do they stay with you, or leave?


Jim Roy

Jim Roy is the Vice President of Human Resources Strategy for Percipio Partners. After 25 years of leading a multi-state staffing operation, Jim now shares his experience with employers. His consulting practice is designed to assist organizations with workforce development. After working with over 2,000 employers, Jim has a keen eye for best practices in today’s workforce climate.