News Flash – It’s supposed to be hard!

Thursday 4:15 – 5:15pm

Session Description

Meaningful work and relationships don’t just happen. They take energy, effort and focus, and yes, stress. Learn the techniques to better prepare your mind for the challenges ahead and take your game to the next level!

Learning Objectives

  1. Understanding Dr. Karpman’s Drama Triangle and Empowerment Dynamic
  2. Understanding how our automatic brains produce automatic thoughts and emotions
  3. How to use Expectations, Emotions and Focus to shift from the Drama Triangle to Empowerment Dynamic




Jon McGraw

Jon co-founded Vision Pursue (VP) after its principles radically shifted his mindset, performance, and overall life experience. He’s since guided and assisted in the successful application of these principles inside hundreds of corporate teams and sports franchises. He’s a sought after keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and Performance Mindset trainer. Before VP, Jon played 10 years in the NFL plus completed business management and entrepreneurship programs at Harvard Business School and Wharton Business School.