How to Build Better Bosses

Wednesday 2:00 – 3:00pm

Session Description

Effective managers are key to any organization succeeding. If you are looking to bring a strategic edge to your organization, training and developing those managers is a key component. This presentation will show the importance of balancing performance management, strategic goals and initiatives, wants and needs of employees and managers, and tight budgets while working to implement a culture of learning. The outcome will be managers who are more effective and a workforce that is motivated, educated, and turns over infrequently.

Learning Objectives

  1. Describe how critical thinking and careful diagnosis are key skills for HR professionals to properly develop and communicate a management training strategy.
  2. Discuss guidelines for identifying performance gaps in managers and techniques to remedy them.
  3. Develop the skills and ability to communicate the needs, design, process, and results, and how they align with corporate strategic initiatives to senior leadership.


Mack Munro

Mack Munro, Founder/CEO of Boss Builders, is a consultant, author, and speaker. His MA degree is in Organizational Leadership; his BS degree is in Health Care. He’s a qualified facilitator of MBTI® and has developed several assessments and online tools. Mack hosts two podcasts: HR Oxygen and The Boss Builder.