Non-specialty pharmacy spend: diabetes treatments and their impact on new weight loss therapies

Wednesday 3:10 – 4:10pm

Session Description

Wegovy, a new weight loss therapy, has the potential to re-define the weight loss category. Smart weight-loss has always had the potential to reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. Wegovy, a drug in a similar class of diabetes treatments, is well-positioned, clinically, to deliver on that potential vs prior weight loss treatments. It is likely to drive incremental demand in plans currently covering weight-loss medications and it is likely to cause many plans that do not cover weight-loss meds to reconsider doing so. We will discuss its clinical trials, improved outcomes, and strategies plan sponsors can use when managing therapies in this class.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the unique way Wegovy drives weight loss.
  • Discuss the outcomes of its clinical trials and comparative treatment options.
  • Review proper utilization manage criteria for controlling costs.
  • Discuss the market impact drugs in this category will have in the future.

Matt Jarvis

As Unit Leader of Pharmacy Benefits, Matt’s focus is to ensure his team meets client expectations and has developed strategies for employers and health plans to efficiently manage their pharmacy benefit while improving the health of their population. Matt has more than eight years’ experience in pharmacy benefit management and is a highly experienced pharmacy marketplace expert motivated by helping clients and their population improve how they consume healthcare. He has a proven track record in specialty and retail pharmacy operations and has led high-performance pharmacy teams that focused solely on improving the lives of patients. Continuing the strategy of simplifying pharmacy, he connects the dots between pharmacy and populations and works to solve some of the most complex problems in healthcare, creating a more informed consumer and helping that consumer along their pharmacy journey.