The UI Times, They are A-Changin’

Wednesday 3:10 – 4:10 pm

Session Description

After recent and significant changes to the Kansas Employment Security (unemployment insurance) laws enacted by a state in 2021, join us to learn how to navigate the Post COVID-19 UI landscape and action steps you can prepare to take to protect your employer account.  This session is designed to help employers build knowledge, improve practices, and better understand the state’s recently changed unemployment insurance laws/system.  Employers will learn best practices on how to manage unemployment related issues in your workplace and gain the knowledge you need to deal with unemployment issues quickly and decisively.  Join the discussion and learn from local experts in this session as we will address all of the major issues facing the unemployment system in Kansas to include:

  • Policy Overview – 2021 Kansas UI Reforms
  • State of Kansas UI Trust Fund – Impact on Future Employer SUTA Tax Rates
  • What’s Next – Kansas Unemployment is on a New, Modern Path Forward
  • Answering your Toughest Questions – Interactive Q&A Session

Phil Hayes

Phillip M. Hayes is the Vice President for The Arnold Group (TAG) – A Human Resource Company, where he provides leadership, guidance and direction in support of the company’s overall mission, values, and strategic goals. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in HR Management from Bellevue University and Masters of Management Information Systems from Friends University. He is also recognized as a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) through the HR Certification Institute. Phil has served on the South Central Kansas Workforce Alliance board, as well as on Kansas SHRM State Council and Wichita SHRM board. In 2006, he was recognized as the “Wichita HR Professional of the Year” and the “Kansas HR Professional of the Year” in 2007. Hayes was appointed to the Kansas Employment Security Board of Review in 2014 and currently serves as the chairman. In 2021, he was appointed to the Kansas Unemployment Compensation Modernization and Improvement Council as well as the Kansas Workers’ Compensation and Employment Security Boards Nominating Committee. He remains active in the legislative arena pertaining to state HR policy.



Jeff Oswald

Jeff Oswald is the President/CEO at Unemployment Insurance Services, a Kansas City based third party administrator for UI claims and taxes.  Jeff has been administering the UI claims and tax programs for employers nationwide for more than 20 years.  Over the past decade, Jeff has served as the technical expert for the creation of legislative reform of the unemployment system in both Kansas and Missouri.  In 2015 and 2021, he served as the advisor to an alliance of Kansas businesses for UI financing reforms, including the drafting and presenting proposed legislation to numerous legislative committees.  Prior to working with UIS, Jeff was a human resource and operations manager for a national department store chain.  UIS has been representing school districts and employers in Kansas and throughout the Midwest for 40 years.  In 2021, Jeff was appointed to serve as an Employer Representative on the Kansas Unemployment Compensation Modernization and Improvement Council.  A native of Kansas, Jeff graduated from Baker University and is married with three children.