Building a Culture on the One Thing that Motivates All People

Wednesday 3:10 – 4:10pm

Session Description

This presentation unpacks the art and science of culture creation to guide leaders at all organizational levels to develop culture that is thriving and life-giving. As an HR professional in these challenging times, how do you train your leaders to steer the culture of your organization effectively? One in three workers say their manager can’t lead them and twenty-eight percent of HR professionals’ time is spent addressing problems caused by poor people managers (SHRM 2019 Culture Report). What if there was one thing that motivated both employees and managers in your organization to lead and perform well? Drawing on human attachment theory, scientific research, and business case studies, this seminar provides participants with inspiration and actionable insights into what creates healthy, thriving culture. This seminar is designed for HR professionals on any level interested in learning more about how to pivot your organization toward effective leadership that can build and sustain profitable, winning AND caring cultures.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understand the neuroscience, emotional science and research associated with human connection and motivation.
  2. Provide practical tools to increase emotional awareness, leadership skills and effective communication.
  3. Gain actionable insights for increasing, promoting, and developing cultural health in their own organizations.


Randal Weidenaar

Randal Weidenaar is a consultant, researcher, and author. His passion is for thriving cultures, born from a desire to make work a place where everyone thrives. Randal has studied business processes development at MIT Sloan School of Management; quantitative social research methods at University of Amsterdam, and culture-driven team development at University of Pennsylvania. In Europe, he’s worked with diverse people teams from over 42 countries, and consulted countless organizations in marketing and culture development. He has helped corporations, government, HR and non-profit organizations unpack the art and science of leadership and culture creation.