How to Create Radically-Engaged Teams™ using Epoxy, Maslow and a Bike Crank

Thursday 9:10 – 10:10am

Session Description

Far too often, business owners struggle to get their team members engaged in helping them make their business better. This happens because business leaders lack a good way to explain how a business truly works and how the team members fit into the mix. I’ve uncovered a very powerful two-part formula that captures the attention of team members at all levels and inspires them to get “radically engaged”TM.

Learning Objectives

  1. Recognize that a bicycle is a perfect metaphor for a business.
  2. Understanding how a business works and be able to communicate it in a simple, straight-forward way.
  3. Identify how the different areas of a business must work well and must be in alignment with one another.


Rich Allen

Rich is on a mission – to help business owners and senior leaders build radically-engaged teams so they can unlock hidden profits, allow their businesses to scale and provide business owners with new-found freedom! Rich used his practical approach to team engagement while running and growing a manufacturing business to well over $100M in annual revenues. Rich has published two books, “Tour de Profit – a 52 Stage Race to Grow Your Business” (2011) and “The Ultimate Business Tune Up – a Simple Yet Powerful Business Model That Will Transform the Lives of Small Business Owners” (2017). He is a high-energy speaker, strategic implementer, business owner guide and successful entrepreneur.