The Yellow Cake Principle: The Recipe for Influencing in the Workplace

Wednesday 2:00 – 3:00pm

Session Description

Would you like to have your cake and eat it too? The Yellow Cake Principle will show you how. With a delicious blend of actionable ideas and humor, you will learn the ingredients for connecting, influencing, and persuading. Need to get buy-in from senior leaders, engage staff and employees, or have not-so-fun conversations? Whisk your worries away! After this program, those interactions will be a piece of cake, like a hot knife through butter. Best of all—the icing on the cake—you will be laughing long before the oven is pre-heated. Warning: The Yellow Cake Principle has zero calories but may be addictive.

Learning Objectives

  1. Implement a three-step influencing model
  2. Speak the four languages of influence
  3. Improve relationships, results, and revenue


Roger Grannis

When it comes to teaching others the art of influence, Roger Grannis is a master chef. His client list is a who’s who of the Fortune 1000. GE. Pepsi. Foot Locker. Symantec. Vertex. They’ve all stood at his kitchen counter, learning how to turn the ingredients of persuasion into measurable business results. Prior to forming GrannisGroup, in 2004, Roger built Gartner Sales Academy, helping grow revenues from $32 million to $850 million. Eagle Scout, writer, and family man, Roger is the president of the New England chapter of the National Speakers Association. Roger brings high energy, high value, and high humor to every program.